April 2017

January – Feeling freer than usual

If you’ve been feeling in a rut lately or somehow restricted through no fault of your own this month may just change that.  Feeling freer than usual comes around but it may be through a bit of a shock or something unexpected – whatever it is take a deep breath it’s been a long time coming. Something had to change so perhaps its inevitable?  It looks as if you’re in need of a break – if not a holiday then at least take a day out and do something different.  Look at things from a different view point especially something that has been troubling you.

February – Not in control?  Change it

If you haven’t felt in control now is the time to change that.  Have the confidence or courage to face whatever it is and come out on top – don’t allow others to lead your life.  There may be a parting of the ways for some but maybe its needed.  For others mess up your routine stop being so predictable get out and enjoy life – every second counts.  You may feel as if you have the world on your shoulders but take a second look and handle things differently.  Are you saying what you mean to the right people?  If not, do so.

March – Flirt & the world flirts with  you

Is someone disrupting your relationship or are you allowing them to?  Are you being too supportive and smothering someone?  March births are so enthusiastic that sometimes they forget to pull back.  Don’t bend the truth or try and manipulate someone to get your end result – it won’t be worth it.  This month asks you to connect to your inner being the part of you that is sensuous and enjoys flirtatious encounters – you’re a sexual being and sometimes forget that side of yourself.

April – Do it regardless

Is there something that you are having to do that you wish you weren’t?  You may have to go along with the flow this month even if you are reluctant to.  It appears for the moment you have no choice.  If someone is putting pressure on you then for now accept it – as long as it is harming you in anyway.  Are you clinging to the past with something?  If so, talk it out, do whatever you can to move on in life.  There’s a slight warning against something you are quite proud of, pat yourself on the back by all means but don’t over do it – there’s more work to be done – keep going.

May – Life waits for no man

Have you ever wondered why Adele is so brilliant at song writing – she has the ability to shut herself away and write her emotions onto paper – pure genius.  You’re asked to do the same this month.  Whatever you are bottling up turn your hand to writing or recording yourself – don’t let these moments slip past you.  You may just have a bestseller in you.  If you’ve been feeling paranoid lately or feeling as if others are ‘out to get you’ check it isn’t you being overly sensitive – criticism can wound May births.  You have the opportunity this month to go out and get what you want so don’t sit at home – whatever you want is waiting for you.

June – Dig deep – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

Quickly apologise to someone you’ve offended or wronged before they get their ‘own back’ on you.  Karma is hanging around you this month so make sure whatever you do is spot on. If a charming admirer drops by – make sure they are what they say they are – you’re likely to fall head over heels for the charming stranger.  This month isn’t about committing yourself to a relationship or project but more about your involvement with it/them.  Are you lacking in passion or drive?  You may need to dig deep to understand your own behaviour – are you ignoring a relationship or an issue at work?

July – Don’t worry – conquer – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

This month may see you either conquering or worrying about money, security and taking responsibility for a past action.  Take your time and think everything through, no knee jerk reactions.  Some may feel confused even daunted by what appears to be an insurmountable issue – it isn’t – pick it apart.  You have intelligence and strength of character in your corner so use them.  Be wary of thinking ‘the grass is greener’ especially if about to leave a relationship – again think everything through.

August – Be yourself

Are you blaming yourself or taking responsibility for something that wasn’t either your fault or the action not carried out by you?  Detach yourself from the situation and let those in the wrong take the blame.  Free yourself from others expectations and do exactly what you would like to do.  You may need to get in touch with your own emotions or ‘inner being’ especially if you’ve been following someone else’s rules or path.  Find out what makes you tick.  There is an opportunity this month to break out of your shell and be who you truly what to be – go for it.

September – Rule the world – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Does an ex or former friend want to get back into your circle?  If so tread carefully and don’t fall back into bad habits – remember why they are either an ex or a former friend.  Some may have a shift in thinking patterns this month i.e. clearer and stronger.  Many September births struggle with their thoughts with perhaps being too negative at times – this month you can rule the world.  There may be an opportunity for you to come out on top at something or even push your ideas through.

October – Testing your integrity

Go out and enjoy life – meet people, flirt and be a wonderful social butterfly.  You carry so much on your shoulders that at times you forget you only have one life – live it.  This month’s energy asks you to tie up loose ends, finish those awkward projects or tasks and get ready for new energy to enter your life.  Do others really know the real you?  Show who you are.  You may have a couple of tricky situations that will test your integrity, remember your birth month is a karmic energy – how you act, what you give out will come back to you.

November – Nervous energy is a gift – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

Wow for some this is a fabulous month – put your ideas out there, use cosmic ordering, anything just take advantage of this month’s energy.  Unfortunately it is a work hard month – no shortcuts, nose to the grind and plan everything.  Friends or family may need your shoulder to cry on, offer it willingly and afford them the required time.  You’re asked this month to look beyond the obvious and realise that everything is linked, that nervous energy you sometimes have gives you a link to other realms.  You have natural psychic or extremely strong intuitive abilities, learn how to use them.

December – Change

Do your best to not argue or get involved in other people’s battles.  You’re asked to take charge but do it nicely.  December births are unfortunately often misunderstood, you think differently to many others – so this month tread very softly – it’ll work in your favour.  The energy surrounding you is one of change, adventure and education.  This may come in the form of new people entering your life (or people leaving your life), change of direction or some form of learning to gain a higher qualification – whichever it is go with the flow – it will be good.  Don’t allow niggles or worries to cloud your thoughts – think positively.