September 2016

January – Exhaustion & Rewards

Life could be getting the better of some of you, if it feels like an uphill battle or you feel life is a struggle, what can you do to improve it?  Take control in some way, take time out (not to the extent of being reclusive), look at ways you can co-operate (or compromise) rather than battle – the journey may be longer but you’ll be less fraut and exhausted.  Be really careful of overdoing anything – mental and physical exhaustion can develop really quickly.  The highlight is rewards are promised, you should be able to get ahead even where legal matters are highlighted.  Just be nice and polite to everyone!

February – Allow the light and fun in your life

Oooh you February births love keeping your emotions in, what do you think happens to them?  You guys are formidable opponents who often don’t give an inch – unfortunately you apply this to yourselves too.  Be careful of taking this to the extreme this month – ease up on yourself – allow the Sun and fun in (or if you are new agey – allow the light to shine in your life)!  Good times are on the way for some – rejoice.  Others may have an idea or a second opportunity at something that didn’t work before – change a couple of bits – hey presto – it’ll work.

March – Focus

Are you working continuously feeling almost as if on a treadmill?  Surely you can rethink how you are doing things?  Allow your mind to wander and ideas will drop in.  Be careful of allowing fear or panic to get a foothold, if you need to talk, do so – don’t allow your emotions to bubble and then overwhelm you.  Your mind is incredible, you have the ability to focus on many things at once that can be brought to fruition – use it.  For some this could be an amazing month, love & happiness is in the air!

April – Stand out from the crowd

Stand your ground for what you believe in – just be careful of whose watching.  Someone may not want you to succeed.  All manner of partnerships are favoured this month so make the most of it especially business partnerships.  If you’ve always wanted to start your own business (no matter how small) then do so, perhaps even something that didn’t work first time around.  April births are unusual people, they are creative individuals, so an unusual business idea could set you apart from the competition.

May – Feeling free

May is offering you access to a very high energy this month – its nature is to be analytical, intuitive and business minded.  Use this energy to sort out any problems you have – be objective – you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved perhaps even a new path.  Listen to your inner voice.  Be careful of judging others or being overly critical (a natural trait of May births) karma is watching.  For the rest take a well deserved holiday or a break – feel free, draw, paint, dance do anything that allows your inner being to feel free.

June – Don’t accept (Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked)

Be careful of missing out on an opportunity this month (whatever the reason) – you may end up feeling lost.  Some may feel in need of extra support or guidance this month – seek it out.  Going it alone isn’t always the answer as sometimes we end up battling more with ourselves than others.  If you are feeling dissatisfied with an area in your life then reassess – don’t just accept things as they are, as you can improve them.  Resting, sleep and eating healthily is called for

July – Don’t stop (Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked)

Be ready to deal with any problems that arise, don’t allow them to fester.  If something isn’t working out as planned – is it because you’ve not completed a part or is someone interfering?  If the latter, find another way (without letting anyone know) if the former, plug the hole and get moving.  There may be a message along the way informing you of a mistake you’ve made, fix it, offer forgiveness anything; just don’t stop moving.

August – An awakening

Don’t jump into anything without much thinking or planning.  If you have a desire for freedom or a change of circumstance plan it out, take a step back as there could be a higher price to pay than you realise.  It may be worth it but at least you’ll be aware of the consequences.  If you have negative thoughts, rationalise them don’t give into them.  Some are asked to face an inner challenge that will affect their outer world or environment, you could liken it to a new awakening – the new you coming forward – very new agey but true.

September – You are ahead of your time (Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked)

Whether you realise it or not you have immense strength of character and the ability to fight any battle – your thoughts stop you.  Now is the time to do that battle, don’t accept second best as you deserve so much more.  The energy surrounding September births this month is the energy Nostradamus was born under – you can achieve the impossible, you’re built for it.  You have a powerful mind that isn’t being used.  Be careful of overdoing drinking, eating or other addictive behaviours – use self-control, rein your habits in.

October – Karma acts when you least expect it

Life is for enjoyment as well as hard work – this month’s energy is asking you to remember that.  Get out, have a fling, a romantic involvement or dare to wish for something emotional you want.  It could be taking a relationship to the next level.  Don’t place money on a higher level than love and happiness – you’ll lose out.  Karma is watching you, don’t manipulate others to get the outcome you want, she’ll come calling to remind you – how you treat others is how someone else will treat you.

November – Be ruthless & focussed (Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked)

You have no control over events this month – fate is stepping in.  You will have to make an important decision it may mean you stepping out from the safety of your home.  You can’t climb mountains but you can go around them – find a way.  November births are naturally sensitive and this month is no exception – you may feel as if you don’t fit in with others, perhaps you don’t – you are so unique and different but don’t realise what a gift this is.  You have an underlying ruthlessness that others are not aware of – put it to good use.

December – Variety is the key

Change your routine, mess up your schedule – do anything but follow your usual routine – being rigid or strict with yourself isn’t healthy.  If you feel panicked within when your daily structure is broken then it is even more important for you to realise you can cope when changes occur.  You might find life is twisting and turning this month – look after your health, don’t take unnecessary risks.  If you’re feeling jealous or envious of others work out why – you don’t need to feel this way – others think you’re pretty lucky anyway – its only you that doesn’t.