October 2016

January – Rewards

A busy, busy month for many of you – you won’t have time to catch your breath.  If a legal matter or other important business has been on the back burner or not producing the results you wanted – the results come in now.  For many it’ll be in your favour.  Others may not get the result they wanted which could just be a blessing in disguise.  Friends or family may require extra support – offer it willingly and lovingly.  Be careful of overdoing the merry making – enjoy life but not to the detriment of your health.

February – Happy, happy, happy

Be careful of the handsome stranger being nice to you – there’s an agenda.  Don’t be taken in and be wary of giving your all on a project or task – there’s no reward only exhaustion.  Overall it should be a fairly happy fun month if you revisit the child in you.  Love is in the air, fall in love with the idea of love and just see how much better you feel.  Don’t worry about a little bit of extra pressure you may be feeling with your work – you will shine.  Feeling staid – shake yourself up, dust yourself down and get out to life, it’s calling you.

March – New life

Read up on something before you speak about it – be knowledgeable and factual.  Who are you butting heads with – someone else or yourself?  Think through everything and see what improvements you can make, if you don’t act someone will do it for you.  You may not like the changes that are underway but go with them, don’t object, work with it.  Long standing plans or appointments may also change – don’t worry – a new phase of life is beginning for you.

April – Sticks & Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can’t hurt me – unless you let them.  Don’t give excuses; the time is right for you to fight for what you want.  Take off the gloves and use bare knuckles and fight for what you desire.  If need be fake confidence, ooze glamour and love everyone to death – you’ll soon get your way.  The world is waiting for you so what are you waiting for?  Don’t forget to rest in the midst of all your fighting as challenges await you, this time though you’ll be ready.  If your life isn’t in order – sort it now.

May – Tidy up time

Whatever ideas or plans you have put them into action – you’ll be amazed at what can come from them.  Make sure you finish off the horrible tasks or things you hate doing else they’ll come back to haunt you.  Volunteer your time, teach the local kids football, anything just give back.  Do not argue with anyone, be the pacifist even if you have pent up anger or emotion – release it another way.  If you have to do a job or career purely because you have to ie the money, try and follow your dreams another way.

June – Don’t let your guard down (Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked)

Do you feel as if you have to continually prove yourself?  Try and move away from this, if you’re lacking self-esteem (who the hell isn’t) find a way to improve it.  You are so adaptable and amenable to others you forget your own needs at times.  Someone you trusted may show their true colours this month – if you’d looked harder you would have seen it earlier.  Take it as a lesson no matter how much it hurts.  Keep your wits about you and don’t let your guard down.  If you find being on your own doesn’t suit you – then go and do it – go for a meal on your own – it might be liberating.

July – Bitter Sweet (Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked)

Hmmm for many there’s a waking up, plans may not be turning out as you had wished.  Perhaps now you could reassess your life.  Learn from your past mistakes.  Acknowledge what has happened and your part in it, what could you have done differently?  Believe it or not you will come out of this much happier (it may not feel like that at the moment).  Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders is really tiring so perhaps dish out some of it to others.  For others their dreams are coming true so enjoy this phase of your life.

August – Work hard

August births are natural workaholics: they know instinctively what needs to be done to complete a project or task.  This month is no different so be wary of giving in to tiredness or shirking responsibilities – you may need to go the extra mile.  When the work is done then go and play and party hard.  Someone may be passing judgement on you but ignore them, as long as you are playing by the rules carry on.  Something unexpected may occur that throws you off course, deal with it efficiently, its fate so you can’t change it.

September – Fretting doesn’t change anything (Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked)

If your mind is doing overtime with worrying and fretting try and break that cycle.  Sometimes too much thinking stops you acting or putting the necessary fixes in.  An opportunity may be coming your way that could require a great deal of work; it’ll be worth it.   Either you or someone around you needs some home-truths, if it is someone else go easy.  For those having a tough time lately know that it is coming to an end.  Things will get easier.

October – Suck up and be nice

Suck up to others as much as you can, and then do it again.  Softly, softly will win the race and you’ll gain others respect.  Pushing yourself to the max will only result in ill health, you do need to work hard but not at the expense of other things.  If you rarely say no to others this is your month to begin your new regime, saying no is liberating.  If not in a relationship go out and enjoy others company, be glamorous and sexy and enjoy yourself.  You are allowed to.

November – Eccentric (Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked)

If you have unfinished business from the past move on now – let it go.  Regarding plans already underway move forward slowly and proceed with caution.  Everything can work out perfectly but ensure you are in control don’t leave it to others.  November births are unconventional and at times slightly eccentric put this to good use and be yourself.  Use your unusual ideas to take your life to the next level – you are loving and caring and deserve the very best life has to offer.

December – Others’ opinions don’t always count

You might have some challenging verbal situations this month, don’t allow others to bully you or sway you to their opinion.  December births naturally take criticism to heart (even if they say they don’t) try and brush what others are saying away.  If you want to do something do it – you’re not always wrong.  It’s going to be a busy and tiring month so pace yourself.  Alone or quiet time may be appealing to you – go for a walk or sit in a quiet space and gather your thoughts.  Take control of what you need to do, by doing this you turn the wheel of life in your favour.