November 2016


January – Shut up, put up & keep giving

Once again January births will have to support others, shut up, put up and just keep giving.  Try not to be petty in any dealings especially with family and friends: it isn’t worth it.  By the end of the month you’ll be really pleased with yourself.  There may be a little bit of competitiveness with others (or from others), there could even be delays with legal dealings (bide your time, things will work out ok) some will receive the settlement they’ve been waiting for.  Some may find a lot of comings and goings this month especially closer to home – are you moving house quickly?

February – Kind words

February births are asked to change a major part of their life or at least begin to look into making the necessary changes.  You’re a formidable opponent so why not change a part of your life you are not happy with?  What’s stopping you?  Sometimes a kind word or two is all it needs to sway someone to your opinion, don’t push like you usually do.  February births feel comfortable when they control either others or situations, take a week or a month off and just see how free you feel.

March – Pause

For some this may well turn out to be a lovely month.  Something you’ve waited a long time for materialises.  Move on from resentments or anger, you benefit more than the other person.  March births are very good at putting on a show to others but they are deep thinkers and like their quiet time.  This month is no exception.  Think over a problem or emotional issue you have, don’t speak until you’ve got your full understanding of how you feel.  If you jump the gun the other person may take advantage of your good nature.

April – The ‘new you’

April births have a decision to make this month.  You may have two choices to opt for, one will seem really good while the other not as exciting.  Don’t automatically jump for the former, look at all the angles.  When you’ve made your choice act immediately, don’t leave room for worry to seep in (or someone else to jump in).  You have everything at your fingertips to make you a success, you stop yourself, be the ‘new you’.  Yes you are self-conscious, yes you can be a little controlling and maybe even inflexible at times – this doesn’t mean you aren’t a fantastic person, you are.  Maybe at times you care too much.

May – You are in the driving seat

As much as May births can lack focus at times, they have all the ingredients to become a balanced individual.  If your feeling frustrated or in a rut you can change it, don’t withdraw into yourself, focus on what is required to change the situation.  Group or social events are highlighted this month – maybe even a dose of self-healing or therapy is required.  You need time for you this month –  don’t avoid it you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll enjoy it and it lifts your spirit.  Revel in your friendships and give your friends time, they’ll always be there for you.

June – Don’t swindle the taxman this month (Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked)

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to move forward with new plans, checkout the finer details first.  Perhaps an overhaul of your idea or looking carefully at the other person’s motives may help.  If you are going to make a commitment make sure your interests are taken care of.  Some may have reached the end of a journey and others have an urge to change jobs, this month’s energy is about endings and beginnings.  If you normally sail close to the wind with tax or legal areas, don’t this month, do everything above the law.

July – Be factual not imaginative (Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked)

A secret or some form of information withheld from you may be revealed – take a deep breath before you respond.  Perhaps its not all bad as it may give you a kick-start to doing something you wanted.  If you are feeling vulnerable or as if no one cares how you feel then tell him or her: they can’t read your mind.  There is a lot going on this month so keep your eye on the ball.  Another month for good news regarding long standing plans coming to fruition.  New people may be entering your life or new contacts so do be careful of letting your mouth run away from you – be factual.

August – Memory lane isn’t all its cracked up to be sometimes

This is a month of contrasts; you’ll be biting at the bit but also not able to do anything about it yet.  This is a good thing as either your mind or body isn’t ready.  Memory lane may be important to some, be wary of allowing good memories to over shadow your reasons for not returning to that person or place.  As long as you are in control and are strong enough to break away if need be then revisit – it may be therapeutic.  Others may be living in the past and not living their own life, take control.  Keep an eye on your bills or money – extra may be needed next month.

September – Life can be tough, maybe now things are looking up for you (Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked)

If baby steps have been taken with either a relationship or venture of some form remember it is only baby steps.  A lot more work is required with either to ensure they will work.  Some may wonder why life keeps throwing curve balls their way, at times it is unfair, some do seem to have more than their fair share of struggles or bad luck.  The tide hopefully is turning.  Be as composed as you can this month, don’t allow anyone to know how you feel – your thoughts may change over the next few weeks and you’ll kick yourself for having spoken to soon.

October – If it’s too good to be true be wary

If you’ve made the wrong choice put it right now.  Don’t carry on in the same vein due to pride.  If you have a dream or aspiration ask yourself is it realistic?  Are you tempted to have that affair, or cheat something in some way?  It isn’t worth it – remember if you are not happy and feel the need to not be honest with yourself only you get hurt in the end.  Be wary of someone offering you the deal that sounds too good to be true – they may be setting you up.  What area in your life are you giving too much?  Pull back.

November – Push others aside (Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked)

Someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes – open them up.  You are more than capable of making your own decisions, take responsibility and push others aside.  Why are you letting someone else take over or take the credit?  If it’s your idea or your hard work that is being credited then claim it as such – don’t hold back.  Follow through on your ideas.  For others the Sun is shining and pointing them out as the leader they are.

December – Problem solve

You have the ability to solve any problem – focus on it and the answer will pop into your head (not overnight but over days).  Wishing thinking doesn’t normally solve anything but this month for you it does.  Money is paramount this month, do you deserve a raise?  Does someone owe you money or do you owe it to them?  Find ways of getting it back or paying it back.  It takes a lot for others to beat you as you are a natural competitor, don’t allow it to start now.  You work harder than the next person so deserve more.