May 2016

January – Develop yourself

Keep your eyes out for an opportunity this month for you to use a talent you normally treat as a hobby, be serious about it. Learning never ends so you may even need to attend a course – expand yourself. There is a real tendency for some to ignore their talents or gifts. If recognition hasn’t come quickly enough for you then work harder, it can be done.

February – Peace & quiet

February is quite a contradiction this month, for some it’s the right time for their business or marriage proposal, others simply want the quiet life. If the latter find a special place that will allow you to achieve this. You may find yourself volunteering or offering support and help to others; one good turn could prove beneficial to you in the future. In all dealings this month be a pacifist, the peacemaker or even simply lending an ear.

March – Keep your head down

May could be a tough month for some especially financially so don’t overspend or spend money you haven’t got. Be economical and count the pennies. If things are tough for you just remember this month’s energy will pass. Don’t be demanding in your relationship as it’ll back fire, strike a balance. It doesn’t mean you have to be the victim, work out what’s wrong and change that. Above all be positive as the tide is turning in your favour.

April – Connect to your soul

April births are asked to give without thinking this month, you’re being asked to connect with your soul, to seek inner guidance. This month you are asked to seek ways that improve your independence, to ensure you act on your own and develop inner confidence and security. You don’t need anyone else’s advice at the moment; your way is the right way if it comes from the heart.

May – There is light at the end of the tunnel

May births are sensitive by nature with many being highly creative and unconventional. Those with these gifts can at times struggle with life’s problems. This month gives you the energy to sort any issues you have, begin at the smallest and work your way through, there is light at the end of the tunnel, it just feels like there isn’t. You can make headway and change your life; in fact you may discover you even have the Midas touch. Use your experience and plenty of patience to get you through.

June – Adventure

Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked What a great month for you, adventures and travel wait for those willing to take a risk. Plans may change at the last moment; go with it as this month is about change and how you respond. You may want to risk money on a ‘sure bet’ but only do so if you know it actually is a sure bet. Others may see you as insensitive or uncaring, aloof even; make sure you keep this in check. Remember what goes around, comes around.

July – Turn over a new leaf

Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked If you’ve wanted to begin again or start afresh then now is the time. Feeling trapped or in a situation you are not happy with is part of the lessons of life, learn how to change it and get out – no knee jerk reactions, think everything through, but begin the new you. All forms of love are in the air this month, new love, stale love and beginning again with a previous partner. Sometimes you give too much and can be taken advantage of, so remember you are important too.

August – Be courageous

If someone has been giving you a hard time especially if they are in a superior position to you, stand your ground politely and firmly. By ignoring it you’ll build up inner anger, the only loser then is you. Dig deep and find the courage within, it’s there and this months energy is here to help you. Embrace new ideas and show others you mean business, don’t take this too far though. For those suffering with past hurtful memories this is the time to do something about them, don’t allow them to fester any longer.

September – Get out and celebrate life

Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked Celebrate and celebrate again, enjoy yourself. This month’s energy is one of friendships and social events. For some they’ll find their project or ambitious idea will come about, good fortune is shining on you. Others may feel like being reclusive or shutting themselves away, try not to. September births have a tendency to be quite withdrawn anyway; you do enough of this as it is. If something hasn’t worked for you then this month gives you the opportunity to voice how you feel and change it. You hold the steering wheel of your life; don’t be in the passenger seat.

October – Be in control of your own destiny

Ooh put the purse down before you spend anymore, ignoring finances doesn’t help anyone, let alone you. How come you can manage everyone else’s lives but your own? You take on so much responsibility that you never leave enough thinking time for yourself, change this. Be in control of your own destiny, don’t follow, be the leader. October births have the tendency to think that others have it better than them, perhaps some do but this doesn’t mean you can’t have it all as well. Get off your ‘woe is me’ cycle and look at life and what you can achieve. October births have good karma, it comes in when they help themselves, others don’t have this!

November – See into the future

Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked Wishing you could change the past is pointless, what matters is what you do about it. If you feel you’ve lost out on something or life hasn’t gone the way you expected it too perhaps you need to now move on. It won’t be easy but it’ll be for the best. If you’ve been the victim of gossip or your actions misunderstood, there isn’t anything you can do expect act in the best way you can. Rise above it, you have grace, poise and charm, so use it. This month’s energy gives you the ability to see a little into the future, follow your instincts and ignore the meanies. You’ll come out on top.

December – New life

There’ll be challenging situations to face this month, don’t run from them, face them and you’ll find how beneficial they are to your plans. If you have a gut instinct that something isn’t right or someone is telling you porky pies, follow your gut instinct, don’t be naïve. Not everyone is a nice guy. A new phase of your life is waiting to begin. December births get caught up in non-stop motion on an idea or an ideal; they could do with pausing, going back one step and then (maybe even standing on your head) looking at life or the problem from a different angle.