March 2016

January – Stand tall & enjoy

Wow what a month for January births. Completion of goals is paramount and balancing personal and work life is crucial, don’t put one over the other. Life is changing for you and this is the month to begin that process. You may feel out of your depth, don’t wobble; as long as you’ve thought everything through you’ll be amazed at the results. Be careful of bragging, you’re not prone to this but you may feel so overjoyed words slip out of your mouth.

February – Opportunity knocks at your door

Boredom and the routine of life may be weighing heavily on many of you – don’t allow it to force your hand – if you’re in a rut look at why. Jumping ship from a relationship simply because someone else is giving you attention isn’t the way forward. This month opportunities are there for you and they bring much needed excitement into your life – make sure you pick the right one.

March – Romantic encounter

Something or someone is looking out for you this month, they want you to be steered towards the right path – lucky you. Enjoy yourself, be centre stage – get out and see the bright lights – chat and socialise like there is no tomorrow. Take a trip or plan a holiday with someone special or if single try that break on your own – it’s well aspected for a romantic encounter. Note of warning – be careful with finances – an unexpected hiccup or two may occur

April – Go for Gold

April births have more second chances than most in life – you have to realise and grab them when they appear – this month is no exception. While waiting for your bus, on your way to work – anywhere – let your mind wander – you’ll come up with a brilliant business idea. Don’t be scared or let negativity take over – go for broke (and gold). Rein in your moods – no one likes to see an unhappy or angry April person – you’ve got bucket loads of charm – use it.

May – Overcome & move on

This month you have the ability to think like a sorcerer or a wizard – think deeply about what it is you want, write it down and put it out to the Cosmos. If you’ve recently felt embarrassed or been hurt by others behaviour towards you think about why your feelings have been hurt. Rehashing it keeps the energy around you – let it go – bullies can teach us a lot if we’re prepared to analyse why their comments sting us.

June – Take your time

Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked June births often have to take more care than others when they make decisions surrounding money, love and marriage. Some rush in to a relationship too quickly regretting it years later – this month is no exception. Take any decision to do with love or money seriously, weigh everything up in your mind as there is a sense of finality about your decisions this month. Take your time, sit on the fence for a little while, when you’ve stepped outside of yourself and looked at your situation then make your decision.

July – Born survivor

Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked Be careful of being too judgemental or harsh with others; show kindness and love to everyone. You have a strong inner core that is beginning to open up and show itself – nurture this. Be wary of anyone buttering you up or saying what you want to hear – they’re in it for themselves. July births tend to overthink everything and at times lack the courage it takes to be the survivor – prove your doubters wrong.

August – Follow your own advice

Gatherings with friends and family are highlighted this month – enjoy them. Some will make money, others will lose it – so keep your eye on the purse strings – don’t allow others to take control. August births tend to let their mouth run before engaging their brain – that’s actually ok this month – run with whatever comes up and be yourself. Wisdom runs deep in August births you instinctively know what to do – so follow your own advice.

September – Dip your toe

Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked Have an open mind this month – don’t be too closed in your thinking – expansion is key for you. For those suffering with nerves or shyness – begin a new project or hobby that brings you into contact with others – there are forces at work trying to bring things together for you. September births more than most can suffer from mood swings – work out your triggers – be kind to yourself – you are not an emotional island – others are there to help you.

October – Emotional gift coming your way

October births need a pat on the back – if there isn’t anyone around to do it for you – do it for yourself. Don’t look at what is coming round the corner – carry on moving forward. Many born in October often feel on their own – if this is you – do something that will change it – join a club. You’re being offered an emotional gift this month – seek it out. Don’t wing something, educate yourself, you never know what may materialise from it.

November – Charisma & charm

Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked You can turn a dream or an idea into reality this month – not many can say that! A friend may show their true colours – just make sure you’re on the ball. Your emotions may feel as if they’re in the wringer, follow it through; you’ll come out on top and better for it. You simply ooze charisma and charm at the moment so make up with others and right any wrongs letting the guilt go.

December – Gaze up to the Stars

You’re so loyal and faithful that you never believe someone will cause you worries or go against you. You may have to face some challenging situations this month so be brave and courageous – keep your wits about you. December births are among the strongest people around; at times you may feel as if life is testing you, it is. But the good news this is a period of good fortune for you – the Stars are out for you – so believe in a little magic and gaze up to the heavens and simply wish.