July 2016

January – Rewards

For those who feel as if life has been difficult recently or feel overworked – take heart – it looks set to improve. Not only do you deserve this but beautiful karma decides to lend a helping hand so enjoy everything coming your way. Are you satisfied with your lot? If not don’t keep doing the same things, change it up, bring in new energy. If your mind is doing overtime and you’re allowing fear & anxiety in, take a break – again it is deserved. Don’t allow your emotions to boil over – the tide is turning in your favour.

February – Look after yourself

Something may come back to bite that you thought you’d put to bed a long time ago. Make amends immediately, don’t allow it to blow up or get any worse. Show a softer side, they’re not expecting it. If you’re hanging on to guilt about something either sort it or let it go. If you’re not eating or sleeping properly how do you expect to get through the day? Start looking after yourself, you are important. This may be a tough month for some as you are asked to show unconditional love to everyone regardless of what others do to you.

March – Communicate properly

Put yourself on the back burner this month and support either a loved one or a colleague. You’ll be amazed at what can come from it and how far they can go. Communication is key this month, say how you feel, be in control (and in the background) but above all be diplomatic – keep your emotions in check. If something feels or smells suspicious then be cautious, wait to see what happens. March births are naturally intuitive, follow this gift and it’ll never let you down.

April – Is it worth the price you’re paying?

Be careful of wading in and either getting your facts wrong or burning out too quickly. Someone may be exaggerating either what is on offer or the problem, they are not passing on the entire truth – whatever it is, it isn’t built on solid ground. For those trying to make progress with something, it can happen but be careful, sometimes the price you are paying is too high. Are you developing feelings for someone? Something good can come from it – even if only friendship.

May – You are tough & strong

Have you felt as if you have to go out and work very hard for everything you have but others seem to be handed it on a plate? This month is no different, except rewards can come your way. Take on the challenges even if you feel boxed in or restricted – work out how to achieve and it could just happen. May births are often self-sacrificing and have a tougher time than most therefore they are tougher and stronger – always remember that.

June – Don’t despair – life is changing

Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked If you’re having a tough time, don’t despair – its coming to an end – don’t lose hope – even if you’ve made the mess. Be confident & bold and deal with whatever comes along. Happiness is on its way with new beginnings and a dose of good karma too. If you want to grow or expand in some way now is the time to think bigger than usual and look at all your options – even if it means changing direction. Don’t be taken in by others opinions or ideas – do this yourself – be in control.

July – Make a wish

Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked Are you drinking too much, working too much or doing something to excess that could affect your health? Whatever it is, take yourself in hand and think of the consequences – it’s called self-sabotage. Why do you doubt yourself? You have so much to offer to yourself and others – you just don’t realise it. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Try and relax a little this month, allow your mind to wander and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Step out at night, look up to the Stars and make a wish – it could just come true.

August – Expect the unexpected

Many will have a difficult decision to make this month, when making it keep to the higher ground, otherwise your morals could be called into question. Don’t stick to your usual tried and tested method of turning a blind eye – change. If you have a wandering eye – rein it in. Expect the unexpected and you can’t go wrong. Having the ability to solve problems is actually a gift; use yours now to improve your life. August births aren’t always in touch with their feelings, how about trying now?

September – Take part

Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked Sometimes standing back and watching others means you aren’t taking part in life. You’re always there for others, you offer security and stability and always say the right thing – what about you? Who do you talk to? Don’t allow your mind to avoid issues or overwork so you’re too exhausted to think. September births are natural born leaders and often worry about showing their feelings. You have a big heart so will always be ok.

October – Take your time

Keep your wits about you this month as a friend may show their true colours. If someone new has come into your life question their intentions – not all is as it seems. Now is the time to look ahead and explore what could possibly occur for you in the future. Make plans, look for obstacles, work around them and move forward. You are in the enviable position to have the just the right energy around you now, you also have the ability to feel in your gut what would work and what wouldn’t – don’t waste it.

November – Think

Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked If plans haven’t worked out as you expected re-evaluate, reform them. Look at the mistakes you’ve made, acknowledge them and correct them – whatever you do don’t give up – we learn by our mistakes. November births are often overly kind, giving and generous so at times can be their own worst enemy. Sometimes we don’t expect love in return, especially if financially secure, just think of the long nights ahead if your love isn’t reciprocated.

December – Sensitive

Ooh make sure you balance your books this month – allow spare just in case. If you feel you don’t always walk into a room and are noticed – do your hair, fake the confidence and ooze charm – you’ll be noticed. This month is about loving yourself and others.   Don’t allow your mind to focus on anyone you deem is criticising you or speaking about you behind your back – if they are, they are – you can’t change it. In particular December births are extremely sensitive to what others think and feel about them so use this energy to help you not hinder you.