February 2016

January – Have no regrets

Not attempting something simply because its your first time will leave you with regrets, going through the experience is what counts. You may not get the result you wished for but it will be worth it anyway. Try drawing a mind map or wish board, focus on the intent, you never know! For others it’s a time for ‘reap what you sow’, be honest in all dealings as it may backfire.

February – Let go and love

Anger and bitterness eat away at your heart, try to move on from whatever causes you pain. Forgiveness and compassion will aid you moving forward. You have a real chance this month of the beginnings of a new love, a new relationship or something that touches your heart; look out for it. A kind word or two and a listening ear can move you to a higher place. A new direction awaits you!

March – Eyes wide open

Pay attention to everything around you, is something amiss or is someone up to no good? If someone’s lighting a path for you to follow, what do they get in return? When making a decision have your eyes wide open, not everyone is as nice as you. Get back in touch with nature, be it your window box, garden or the woods, its energy can invigorate you.

April – Don’t be so tough on yourself

Do you sometimes feel as if you are on the outside of life looking in? If you’re feeling like this change your course life is for living, lady luck is waiting to assist. For others you may be known for displaying too much or too little emotion or even a little stern at times. You’ve gotten very good at it, perhaps too good, just who are you?

May – Change of tactics

Have you suddenly stopped battling someone (or yourself) and questioned ‘what’s the point’? What may have seen to be treachery on another’s part may have been your conflicting emotions. You have an opportunity for something good to come out of this, why not take it? Who are you letting down by changing tactics?

June – Get a tattoo

Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked You may not like the changes that are happening but you have no choice but to go with them. Digging your heels in doesn’t help anyone. You’re a naturally fun and creative person and this side of your personality may need to edge out more. Don’t lose this side of yourself. Get into acting, singing, dancing, art even paint yourself – anything – express yourself.

July – Brain fog

Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked Now is not the best time to make a decision, if you feel bogged down and your head’s in fog, how do you expect to think clearly? Perhaps take a leap of faith rather than analyse everything. Things are changing and perhaps that’s what you’re scared about. Believe it or not, it is a good thing.

August – Upheaval

There’ll be upheaval of some sort for many of you who are not prepared or saw it coming. Don’t despair this gives you the time to clear out and begin again. Do you always feel as if you are forever battling everyone just to do what you think is right? Stand by your words if you believe you’re right.

September – The Sun is shining

Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked A great month for many of you, everything you touch becomes gold. For the romantic ones, go for it; enjoy the sensual pleasures of life. If you have a gut feeling about a lottery ticket, a job or something that you want – do it – you are lucky this month.

October – Make plans

October births are asked to be extra caring and supportive this month (yes even more so than usual). You may want to go in a new direction but it is still early days and perhaps the timing isn’t exactly right. Make plans towards your goals and don’t rush in.

November – Second chance

Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked Some may have the relationship agony – do I stay or do I go. There will be some form of split for many but this is for your good. Perhaps you’ve gone full circle and have ended up exactly where you began. You have a second chance at love and life – use it.

December – Teach others

Don’t pull the duvet over your head, face up to life’s challenges and deal with them. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Be on top and in control, not at the bottom of the heap. Ask for help and it’ll be delivered. If you have a skill or are experienced with something you are being asked to coach or tutor, you’ll receive more than you give by doing this.