December 2016

January – Fortunate turn of the wheel

Do you feel as if you are always preparing and planning but not actually taking the steps?  Remember all the planning in the World will not make the change: you make the change.  This month January births may experience a fortunate turn of life’s wheel.  This isn’t luck, its fate, its deserved.  As the first month of the year January births are trailblazers, they set the tone for the rest of the year, but even they get exhausted.  Hang on in there the spotlight is heading your way.  Deal calmly with any irritants or frustrations along the way.  Remember you are great at covering up how you feel – for this month cover it up.

February – Be wary

February births often feel stuck or in a rut and seldom move out of their comfort zone.  They note their boundaries and stick to them.  This month, break free: dare to think differently.  Are you bound by your own fears or societies?  If some have felt as if someone is working against them, maybe it wasn’t your imagination.  Regarding either an important decision or a relationship don’t take it for granted; you are not in possession of all the facts.  Don’t show your thoughts or feelings, put a front on and wait for others to show their hand.

March – Full speed ahead – stop!  What a month!

Stop what you are doing – you have the opportunity this month to make something big from a simple idea – start work on it now.  Write that book, work on an idea, whatever it is, it comes from you – try not to let this opportunity pass.  You have hidden talents – use them.  Before making a big change in your life based on advice from an authoritative body, obtain a second opinion.  The advice given may not be all it should be.  Has someone come into your life that seems too good to be true – maybe they are.  Slow down on a new relationship – check they are who they say they are before committing any further.

April – Rewards & hard work

Some may have received praise or a small reward for something they’ve done but remember it is early days, more work is required.  For others if enough work hasn’t been put in, or if you haven’t focussed on the goal don’t expect rewards.  The time for a holiday or partying is when the hard work is completed so be careful of jumping the gun.  Act and act now, put whatever work is necessary into something to show you mean business.  If changes do occur that you are unhappy with, work with them, take on board any messages and move on.

May – Wow

Change is in the air for May births, some may know the nature of the change, others not.  Endings and new beginnings are also highlighted this month.  You will have challenges along the way, face them, deal with them and move forward.  Take your time when dealing with problems, do not rush anything, a good outcome occurs when thought and time have been input.  Keep your feet on the ground, be wary of others advice especially if it takes you on a new journey.  Make sure all you are doing is grounded and realistic.  You can achieve an awful lot this month.

June – Go like lightening (Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked)

Put on hold any party plans for a successful outcome for something until you actually get the ‘green’ light.  There may be delays or hiccups that require attention.  This doesn’t mean you stop working or seeking your goal – quite the opposite – do more.  Be wary of becoming bogged down and literally not seeing the wood for the trees.  For those that feel as if life has handed them a bum deal remember you need to be the lightening force that changes it.  Someone close to you may need a word or two of support and love from you.

July – Sort your life out (Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked)

July births often struggle with wanting perfection in everything, remember we rarely get to those dizzy heights.  Simply enjoy what is on offer and go with it.  What you are asked to do this month is to take control of your life (I know a big challenge).  This may be in the form of changing jobs, making plans to move or even beginning the process to sort out a big issue.  It may even require words or an argument with someone who has been bugging you – whatever it is don’t put it off.  Life is waiting to make changes for you and is unable to while there is a little bit of chaos around you.

August – Smile even if you’re crying

August births can fall into two camps one where they give in to others and perhaps show a timid side, the second where they act as a bull in a china shop.  Try reversing your roles and see the difference.  You’ll certainly shock those around you and maybe even enjoy it.  When times are hard it is difficult to see the good in life especially when those around you are doing well.  Put a smile on your face and find something to laugh about, it will help.  You do seem to have a heavy load though or something is weighing heavily on your shoulders.  You have access to the beautiful Star energy this month it brings hope and encourages you to keep striving for what you want.  It doesn’t solve your problems but it is looking out for you.

September – Wacky & wonderful (Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked)

Oh heck, is someone gloating or taking pot shots at you?  Make sure it’s real and not imagined.  If it’s real, give as good as you get.  Either you or someone around you has a loose tongue, a secret or information you would rather not be known is being heard.  If you have a tendency to blow your top and at times your words are cutting think about their impact.  What’s causing your build up?  Some may feel the urge to seek a deeper meaning in life, explore many paths and decide what fits you, even if you try the wacky and wonderful.  September births do have access to a spiritual path so you never know……

October – Fake it until you feel it

For those single October births that desire a partner, put the feelers out – someone is waiting for you.  Something you thought was a given, isn’t.  Life has a habit of pulling the rug from underneath you; this is one of those times.  Your dreams or plans can be realised but maybe just not at this moment.  Legal matters are at the forefront for many with a good outcome if you haven’t fibbed or exaggerated the truth.  If you have, correct it now.  Many do not realise how scared and nervous October births are at times, they do a good job of faking it.  Carry on there’s an old adage: fake it until you feel it.

November – Trust your intuition (Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked)

I know its December but do be wary of overdoing the drink and merry making.  Some may find unexpected celebrations are also in order, enjoy.  Others may find they are knee deep in books or find themselves having to study while others play.  Get your priorities right and put that extra effort in to ensure you come out on top.  Partying can come later.  If you need to make a decision trust your intuition, November births have this in bucket loads so use it.

December – Flash of insight

Some may have a flash of insight to their future: if this is you and you like what you see work towards it.  Or if it appals you work your way out of it – yes it will take months but it’ll be worth it.  You may have thought you were at the end of a particular journey only to actually find yourself at the beginning.  For others whatever you touch turns to gold – lucky you.  You may need to keep your wits about you as something or someone is not all they seem.  Being prepared means you can deal with anything that comes along and no one outwits you.  December births should never act on impulse so bide your time if you feel like jumping into something.