August 2016

January – Loyal & faithful

January births are often loyal & faithful, sometimes to their detriment.  Supporting a loved one to the bitter end can leave a sour taste in your mouth.  Your opinion to others is normally considered and fair so why not to your loved ones?  Who wears the trousers in your relationship?  Neither of you should, it should be balanced.  Tie up loose ends, finish projects or tasks a new phase is upon you, be ready for it.  Dare to dream the big dream as a new lease of life or energy is approaching – good luck to you.

February – Love yourself & others

Hmm this may seem a strange month for many of you.  Your outgoing face doesn’t show fear or worry but inwardly you feel as if something is waiting in the shadows for you.  You need to take the bull by the horns and sort whatever is worrying you.  It may mean the end of a relationship, or even the start of a new one – feeling trapped by your thoughts isn’t fun so face your fears.  Do you need to show more love and care to someone?   Perhaps at times your standards or expectations are so high that you forget the rest of us are mere mortals.

March – Rest & relax

Try and take it easy this month, rest & relaxation are called for.  Overworking, over worrying and simply over doing things will take its toll on it, you’ll feel physically and mentally drained.  March births tend to face challenges and life head on, but at what cost to their health?  March births fall into two categories (1) those that sacrifice their happiness for others and (2) those who are self-absorbed and struggle to think of others – why not switch around?  Changes are around the corner for you, a new cycle of life is beginning.  You have a gift with words and a strong personality so use it to your advantage.

April – Listening matters too

Being strong & assertive is great – just watch out how you come across to others.  Be opinionated but listen to them too – listening skills are difficult to acquire but they open up a whole new world to you – try it.  Some have an important decision to make this month; a rash decision will have far reaching consequences so be careful.  Do you feel as if you are being taught a lesson?  You are.  Learn from it.

May – Nothing illegal

If you’re thinking of doing something illegal (even something most of us consider is ok) don’t do it.  Keep on the straight and narrow regardless of what you are offered.  Don’t let anyone talk you into something, even if you trust them.  Be as boring as you can this month – put money away for a rainy day – enjoy what you are doing.  Beneath your surface you have an element of wanting freedom and commitment – you can have both – just not at the same time.  Take your relationship to the next level; you may miss the boat otherwise.

June – Embrace  (Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked)

You need a shake up.  When are you going to make your mind up and act upon what is necessary?  Embrace what you have, improve upon it – don’t flatten it – you more than others need to create your own success.  You’re either rigid or flexible, have high standards – low morals, happy or gloomy – a bag of contradictions.  Let go of the past and embrace your life.  Day dreaming is good for the mind not for your life.  Act.

July – Be true to yourself  (Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked)

You’re seen as down to earth, hard working, extremely sensitive and a dreamer.  Is your hard work paying off?  Are you dreams realistic?  Can a janitor become a director – yes – so are your plans on track?  When we are too sensitive to our own needs we become self destructive, look beyond yourself and see what others needs are.  It can give you a different perspective.  You are a strong individual with a strong character but seem to want to show others what you can do (boast even) – move away from this.  Be careful with money, don’t overspend especially if it is to inflate your ego – you don’t need to do this.

August – Be yourself

Learn everything you can about a person, topic or company you want to join forces with.  It improves your chances and eliminates mistakes.  Be yourself – don’t exaggerate or bend the truth – you’ll be found out anyway.  Have fun with family and friends, socialise and literally enjoy life.  August births tend to have a more serious side to their nature.  Nothing comes easy, they have to work for everything, use this – your experience of life is invaluable.  You need to take charge of something that is bugging you or worrying you – look at your past experiences – you have nothing to fear.

September – Feeling free  (Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked)

What you reap you sow – this month depends on what efforts you put in.  Those who have worked hard can expect rewards – this doesn’t just mean working hard in a job.  Working on you counts too.  You don’t have to take the world on your shoulders, let it go – feel free or do whatever helps you to feel free.  Someone may arrive in your life – they lighten it up – enjoy them.  Sit on the fence for a while, don’t make plans – simply enjoy being you.

October – Sex appeal

Are you being irresponsible?  Your decisions affect others not just you – make sure you think everything through.  You seem to be oozing sex appeal so make the most of any encounters that come along this month.  The energy surrounding you this month is one of relationships – focus on them & work on them.  By joining forces with someone else you double your power.  Be careful of unintentionally passing on gossip.  Someone needs forgiveness from you.  Forgiving others not only helps them but it has a powerful affect on you as well.

November – Look after number one(Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked)

If you want more than your current life has to offer then begin to make plans, so what if others disagree.  Feeling this way means there is an imbalance somewhere – work it out.  A partner or someone who has previously had a hold over you is loosing their grip on you – they’ll panic and maybe verbally hit out at you.  You can have your ‘happy ever after’.  You may not have all the answers but at least you’ll be living life your way.  November births have charisma and charm, they are patient and caring – others can take advantage of this – look after number one.

December – Slow down

You may need to take a couple of steps back this month before you can move forward.  Don’t worry it is necessary.  You’re at the start of something that can have a big impact on your life.  You may feel as if you are on the bottom rung of a ladder, think of the experience you’ll gain.  Your enthusiasm for new goals or projects is great and you know how to bring things together.  Slow down your pace of life, take more care of your health, exercise and eat properly.  December births struggle with their emotions internally and need sleep for their brains to work things out.  Give yourself the time.