April 2016

January – Soak up some Sun

What a lovely joyful month for some of you with celebrations and social times aplenty.  You’ll even win over some difficult people with your charisma and charm.  Keep your facts straight and try not to be overly dramatic if something doesn’t go your way, you’ll come out on top in the end anyway.  Enjoy your surroundings, have a luxurious bath, soak up some sun, especially if you’ve worked hard.  New things are beginning so enjoy the rest while you can.

February – Go for it!

Don’t leave your life up to others; take the steering wheel and head in a direction that suits you, not others.  Dare I say it, this is a good time to start a family or become romantically involved with someone.  Think of what you want and put the message out into the Universe.  If you find yourself at the wrong end of someone’s temper stand your ground and let them know their behaviour isn’t good enough.

March – Drop anchor and enjoy the moment

Some may be questioning their faith or looking for a higher purpose, explore all options.  We all need money but sometimes it isn’t enough – we need to have fulfilment in our lives.  Forgive someone who has wronged you and let go of any negative energy as it takes its toll on you so drop the anchor and enjoy the moment.  Don’t rush headlong through your life; you’re missing some of the important parts of it.

April – Feeling hurt doesn’t mean you’re on the back foot

April births will have to put a lot of hard work in this month to achieve anything near the success they desire.  Do that and the rewards will come, give up and you’ll stay where you are.  Don’t let others comments affect you, just be ready for them next time with a considered response.  You’ll develop further behaving this way rather than showing how sensitive you are and allowing the hurt to show.  Sensitivity is a gift so use it to your advantage, sense and feel your way through situations.

May – Keep your eyes wide open

If you’re not showing someone how you feel and always keep your emotions in check, how do you think there are going to know you are upset?  Don’t keep things bottled up; share.  You may also feel like a fish out of water jumping from one thing to another, expect contradictions to spring up.  You’ll learn a lot from this month even if it leaves you feeling confused.  There may even be a wonderful opportunity for you so keep your eyes wide open.

June – Change is coming

Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked Wow, you’ve come full circle so now is the time to start again.  Think big, dig deep and aim for a dream – the only thing stopping you is if you can be bothered to put the work in.  If someone is being dishonest, tell them don’t stand for it.  Be disciplined, organised and work hard.  On a softer note realise that there are changes coming, nothing will be a shock, it’ll take time but it’s coming.

July – Pride comes before a fall

Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked If you’ve made a mistake, don’t be too proud to admit it, you’ll save face in the long run.  Otherwise someone may pull you off your grand horse and take your place.  Don’t be fearful and worried be strong and courageous.  Win others round rather than fight with them, show them your reasoning and stay calm.  A lot seems to be going on for you this month so keep your head and deal with everything calmly.  Believe it not after all that it could just be a very good month for you.

August – Train your mind

How much more can you take on, are your shoulders broad enough or are you simply avoiding something else?  If you feel down in the dumps get out and about, change your mood, don’t let a depression set in.  Think before you speak and begin training your mind to be stronger than it is.  You may require a major change of plans or wish to deviate from the path you are on, do this now.  Learn from past experiences especially if you keep making the same mistake.

September – Love thy neighbour

Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked Don’t be so quick to stick to your principles, give a little and someone else will give a lot.  You may need to take on extra responsibility this month, which may mean you giving up something you want to do.  By all means do so as it is the right thing to do, but be careful in case you are taken advantage of.  Go into a new or rekindled relationship with open eyes, a warm heart and a set plan of what you want from it.  This month, for September births, is to do with love, marriage, divorce and everything in between.

October – Care for yourself – you deserve it

As crazy as it sounds go by intuition this month; don’t use reason or logic.  The theme for October births this month is one of completing things, finishing stale relationships and getting ready for a new beginning.  So get up, face outstanding issues (no escape this month) and forge ahead.  October births are naturally loving and caring individuals but sometimes they forget to care for themselves, make a point this month of doing just that.

November – Make the most of the energy this month and act

Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked Oooh you just don’t realise what you’ve got in front of you.  Someone, somewhere in the cosmos is looking out for you; so don’t feel down in the dumps, make the most of this month’s energy.  By all means plan every move, be cautious, steady as she goes etc. but act and act now.  If you want something go out and get it, everything is waiting for you.  P.s. watch your money!

December – What’s missing in your life?

You may be called upon for a shoulder to cry on or simply to talk problems through, as ever you’ll be there as you are the most patient and caring of individuals.  You have a brilliant mind so use it, what can you conjure up to instil some much needed love and romance in your own life.  You often speak bluntly and truthfully to others so what’s missing in your life?  Have a chat with yourself and make the necessary changes.