January 2016

January – Do nothing & everything

This may be an odd month for January births; it’s a mixed bag of waiting for events to unfold (without interference from you) and honing your skill set and being ready to act when opportunities arise. If you’ve had confidence issues in the past look to how you can get past them. For those in love get ready for your relationship to go to the next stage – happiness is promised. If you need help and support from loved ones then ask – don’t wait to be approached. A New Year, a new month, a new you, be more independent and make the necessary decisions to ensure you don’t fall into the same old behaviour patterns.

February – Stand firm and be in control

Is someone interfering in your life? Stand up to them, don’t be a walkover. Remember to instigate change walls have to fall – make sure they aren’t your walls. You can make progress but sometimes this comes at a price – think through everything carefully and then act. You may have to give a little and it could feel like you’re sacrificing something but it may just be worth it. Someone around you needs a cuddle perhaps they are mending a broken heart, reach out to him or her even if you don’t want to.

March – Be less serious & more light-hearted

Get ready for changes; a new direction is awaiting you. Don’t commit to long-term plans – simply enjoy whatever comes up. Try and be less serious, light-heartedness brings new insight and puts the smiles on those closest to you. For some of you your dreams may have come true, others are still waiting. For those still waiting – were you realistic, did you approach it in the right way? Re-evaluate your plans; the energy is right for you so try again. March births have a beautiful inner soul that they struggle to recognise and release, try it this month.

April – Trust & enjoy

This is a time for celebration and enjoyment, let your hair down. You’ve worked hard for what you want so let loose. For others growth and creation is on the way: babies or the creation of your plans. For other April births don’t be envious, bide your time, step back, let go and surrender to the experience. You’re in the right place at the right time; trust in the Universe, your time will come. Don’t allow your moods or thoughts to drag you down, breath out and give it time. Dare I say some may even be lucky enough to have a win on a lottery or race!

May – Go with the flow

You’re on to a winner but rethink some of your plans, it won’t happen as quickly and easily as you think. A new cycle is beginning for you, so get to grips with change and adapt, be flexible and as nice as you possibly can. Go with the flow, don’t hurry anything up, allow everything to evolve as it is meant to. The energy beneath is trying to move you to a new direction. Always remember that May births excel when in love or are busy creating something – even a fuss!

June – Change is needed

Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

This month is important to June births as it matches your birth energies. Mostly it is about you breaking away from negative or destructive habits or from someone who you feel is controlling you. Have you learned from past mistakes or are you making the same ones? You are an extremely loyal and honest person and deserve the very best so ask for help and support if you need it. There may be people in and out of your life this month, don’t have regrets as allowing someone to move on opens the way for new people to enter your life. Be careful of any financial dealings, don’t blow your savings; check the small print.

July – Rewards

Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

Everyone thinks you are sitting comfortably and happy with your life, only you know differently. Are you happy? You have an opportunity this month of beginning something that means a lot to you. This could be love or the start of your business or venture you’ve longed for. Just make sure you do not overly give, equal partnership and self-control is required for the right outcome. Start as you mean to go on. The rewards are there for you, control the situation and you’ll be rewarded. Enjoy this time.

August – A brighter future awaits

This is an important phase for you as your birth energies are around you. This month asks you to forget the past and move on to a brighter future. Literally wipe the slate clean and begin again. Don’t doubt yourself, have faith and follow your inner guidance. If you feel you are withdrawing from others perhaps it is a good thing but ensure you think through the problems and then act. You can re-establish yourself. If life feels stale or boring mix it up a bit, meet friends and socialise even if you don’t feel like it, you never know who you’ll meet.

September – Get out & enjoy life

Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Wow what a great month this can be you, live for the day, for each minute and each second. This month enjoy the simple pleasures of life especially with your partner, romance & creation is well aspected. If you want that happy ever after work towards it. If you’ve been putting work above everything else, change it now, a work life balance is important. Don’t evade responsibilities, face them, deal with them and still enjoy life.

October – Home is where the heart is

Take your time with any decision, think it through; don’t jump immediately even if the offer looks fantastic – especially if a marriage proposal. You may feel as if you are being pulled in different directions, stick to the right path. Everything this month is about family and domestic issues. Dedicate your time and energy to the home and if possible earning extra money. This could be in the form of a boot sale, creative pursuit or simply redecorating. Rise above any jealous feelings, look at what you’ve already got. Be careful of over controlling others or situations, allow others to be themselves and even make their own mistakes.

November – Take control

Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

By all means pat yourself on the back, but don’t allow yourself to be overly confident or smug. There may be some rivalry in your camp, don’t ignore it. What may seem as a tit for tat could get out of hand. November births are often seen as aggressive or argumentative; on this occasion use your skills. This is not a time to sit back and take the easy path. Be open to new ideas and a new way of dealing with things. Take control of any situation you are involved in especially if you are trying to impress someone.

December – Move to the light

December births are the ultimate high achievers. Throughout their lives they develop courage, independence and pride. Use this month’s energy to come out from the shadows and shine. December births often support others and mingle well behind the scenes, move to the limelight. What’s stopping you? Some may feel transformed this month, as if the Universe is shining down on them, others may feel bogged down with details and struggle to move on. Whichever one it is a lot can be accomplished, December births are the trend setters the ones that can make things happen.