First names – A

Abbie – Abbie has access to a powerful energy when she opens up and says how she feels.  Doors open for Abbie when she takes chances and walks her own path.  Help Abbie to understand her inner strength and to use it for good, advise her to keep moving forward.

Abigail – Abigail possesses an inquisitive nature. Abigail develops to become a fearless individual, someone who will love her freedom. Being calm and patient helps Abigail obtain her goals. Abigail has unconditional love and considerable talent.

Andrew – Andrews possesses an energy of someone who has many ideas, some brilliant.  If only Andrew could see them through to the end; commitment and dedication is the key.  This energy has the ability to reach the top of the tree by being practical and patient.

Andy – Andy possesses an energy of someone who learns to win by being steady and organised.  Andy needs to be careful he doesn’t do anything to excess and be careful of allowing doubt to creep in.  This is a great energy for someone who wishes to run a business or a career leading others.  Andy can make things happen, he has a master energy of 44/8.

Ann – Ann possesses an energy of someone who is talented and kind, many may use the term ‘humanitarian’.  Once Ann explores her talents and creativity many paths open up to her.  Ann is not a risk taker, she plans her path for success.

Anne – Anne possesses an energy of someone who is thoughtful, intuitive and dignified.  Once Anne welcomes new challenges rather than avoiding them, she is victorious.  Believing in herself and reprioritising are the keys for her success.