Date of birth

You can change your name but your date of birth will never change.  The date of birth is one of the most important areas in Numerology and consists of the day, month and year and is used to work out your ‘life path’ number(s).  Your date of birth shows your talents, abilities, career and vocation options.  The challenges and lessons from each number is experienced before the potential from each number is realised.

The most commonly used method of reducing a date of birth is by simply adding the numbers across.  Lindsay Lohan’s date of birth is 2 July 1986 so therefore we add: 2+7+1+9+8+6 which equals 33, in Numerology we always round to the last digit, so in this case 3+3 equals 6.  The preceding digits to number 6 are important as they tell the story or experience Lindsay will have throughout her life.  In particular note that Lindsay’s two preceding digits are 33.  Double digits relate to Master Numbers and have a special importance of their own.  As mentioned previously Kerry Katona has the same number combination as Lindsay but each have a different date of birth leading to 33/6: Kerry’s is 6 September 1980 (6+9+1+9+8+0=33/6).

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