Daniel Pitt

Daniel Pitt is a psychic medium living in Barbican in London.  He has worked in his field for over 17 years and has worked extensively all over the UK and abroad.  He has been fortunate enough to work alongside and trained by some of the most talented mediums of our time (Glyn Edwards, Tony Stockwell and Mavis Pittilla).  He also is a tutor at the College of Psychic Studies in Kensington, London.  To read further or to contact him click: https://danielpitt.co.uk


Daniel holds workshops in Hornchurch and rather than ‘run with the pack’ he embraces each individual’s own style of psychic and mediumship awareness or ability.  I can say from first hand experience it is actually liberating to develop abilities my unique way instead of following a ‘rule book’.  Please contact us if you wish to attend and discover your unique way of seeing, understanding and communicating with spirit or developing your psychic ability.


Daniel holds demonstrations for one-2-ones, groups or events please contact him via his link above or us if you wish to attend one of our charity events.