Kent, Mind Body & Spirit – Saturday 4th August 2018

Well what a day, not only was it unbelievably hot but Anne, Sharon and I arrived a couple of hours before Shirley & Miss Tee (or rather it felt like that).  We thought it would be a great idea to set up Anne’s reiki tent by ourselves without Shirley who was running late.  Once we carried everything in and believe me we had a lot of ‘stuff’ we began the set up.  I just wish I had taken photographs – I was holding up one end while the other two were trying to work out why it was leaning – we were desperate to show Shirley how good we were!  Here’s a few pics.

Anne’s Reiki Tent

We did get a few bits back to front & I think I put something in the wrong place buy hey ho it worked.  Although I don’t think Shirley praised us enough – just saying (that’s what Sharon said anyway)!!!!!

Miss Poppy centre stage
As you can see we were on the stage

Although it was a quiet day it gave us the chance to catch up and chat – how unusual.