Hello, I’m Tee, I have always had a love and fascination for the occult and have, unwittingly, relied heavily on my “inner knowing” which has served me very well at certain points in my life.

Alongside this, I have naturally followed a path which I later came to know as Wicca.  I believe I have been a witch since birth and before, this is backed up by most of my closest friends loving (?) comments of my being as ‘mad as a box of frogs’.

Being Wiccan and engaging in the practice goes hand in hand with divination of all kinds including Tarot, Crystal ball and crystals, psychometry, Oneiromancy, the divination of Dreams, Lenormand, Gypsy Reiki and Usui Reiki, due to a very close death at an early age, I became aware of different levels of existence as I never truly felt the presence of that person leave me and so I have never known a time in my life when I didn’t believe or know that we existed alongside other energies.

Wicca has taken me down many avenues and I’ve enjoyed every aspect from casting, Herbology, Bach Flowers Remedies and the Folklore of Wiccan itself. I’ve been reading Tarot from a young age and am in the process of expanding my Psychometry and mediumship skills.

I enjoy talking about these aspects of my life and listening to others with likeminded interests, I don’t think you can ever know everything, there is always something to learn and I would love to expand my wiccan circle with anyone who feels a similar way.

I attended a local development course in 2010 which is how I became involved with Soul Connections, we met in various groups and have become great friends, sharing our passions beliefs and a common sense of humour, I believe we manifest smiles where ever we go, and that in its self is magik.

After losing a close member of the circle who was in many ways a friend and mentor to me a small number of us who were closer to her personally naturally formed a stronger bond and felt the next step on our path would be to move to the next level and begin to develop ourselves more by working with the public, pushing ourselves and our abilities further than we previously had, this is how we are now where we are and we hope that our experience, experiences and our good honest intentions, shine through to light a way for others, as we help each other along our own paths.

This has been an amazing emotional journey for us all, starting with charity events for a number of years at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Brentwood, a brilliant institution relying solely on donations rescuing and caring for a huge number of animals and going on to the development of psychic parties and 1-2-1 readings at all sorts of events.

It’s an amazing thing to be given the chance to develop this sixth sense that’s called a Psychic ability but it doesn’t mean we can pick the lotto numbers next week, ( ahhh if only…) each one of us is granted the gift of free will, which means we can choose to be what we want to be. There is still so much we don’t know, still so many vales to be lifted, so many doors to be opened, we hope that one of those doorways will lead us to you and we may be honored with sharing your path awhile, and look forward to sharing knowledge, joy and companionship with you as we do.