About me…..

For many years I was a fairly ‘closed’ individual until I found I had a fascination with Tarot.  I joined the Psychic College in South Kensington around the year 2000 and was taught to read the Tarot (1 year) and Meditate (2 years), I also did a year of Healing at the college which led to my love of Reiki.  Until this time I  was probably fairly skeptical and nervous of anything to do with the occult.  I now love it.  It has helped to develop my intuition which I rely on very heavily.   Through my love of Tarot I began to notice numbers and became intrigued which eventually led me on my path to Numerology.

Tarot – As most in my group read Tarot I found I wasn’t able to practice as much as I liked so I joined TABI (The Tarot Association of the British Isles).  I am now an endorsed reader for TABI which I thoroughly enjoy – this enables me to carry out email readings for people all over the World – its fantastic and means I keep my ‘hand in’.  I’ve also recently joined Biddy Tarot (an Australian Tarot on-line group) of which I also carry out email readings the most recent for someone in America.

Numerology – As mentioned above my love of numbers came via Tarot.  I joined the Connaissance School of Numerology in Royston and attended their Foundation and Diploma courses which ran over a year.  I am due to attend the Masters in June of this year also at Royston.  Numerology has brought new meaning to my life – I learnt so much about myself through this medium.  I am able to quickly get to the ‘essence’ of someone through their date of birth and full name.  Numerology has opened doors for me and shown me a whole new world.

My most memorable ‘esoteric’ story was with a fellow Soul Connections member at the oldest Witches gaol in England, I ran out crying due to the energies flying around in there!  I sorted myself out, dusted myself down and went back in – a big feat for me.  I look forward to more escapades!

After losing a close member of the circle who was in many ways a friend and mentor to me a small number of us who were closer to her personally naturally formed a stronger bond and felt the next step on our path would be to move to the next level and begin to develop ourselves more by working with the public, pushing ourselves and our abilities further than we previously had.

This has been an amazing emotional journey for us all, starting with charity events for a number of years at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Brentwood, a brilliant institution relying solely on donations rescuing and caring for a huge number of animals and going on to the development of psychic parties and 1-2-1 readings at all sorts of events.

It’s an amazing thing to be given the chance to develop this sixth sense that’s called a Psychic ability but it doesn’t mean we can pick the lotto numbers next week, ( ahhh if only…) each one of us is granted the gift of free will, which means we can choose to be what we want to be. There is still so much we don’t know, still so many vales to be lifted, so many doors to be opened, we hope that one of those doorways will lead us to you and we may be honored with sharing your path awhile, and look forward to sharing knowledge, joy and companionship with you as we do.