Our founder Yvonne

carissYvonne started her active journey of psychic development in 2004 at Angels in Hornchurch and at the Stockwell studio in Wickford. Her thirst for learning and love of teaching quickly led her to running a circle at Angels.




YvonneWhen Angels closed Yvonne set up her own circle in Hornchurch where many people passed through the door. She always prided her circle as being like no other always welcoming to new members and supportive of each other. She classed her circle as her family.

Yvonne always had inventive ways of teaching and the circle was full of laughter and encouragement. Yvonne’s day job was a teacher of adult education one of the subjects was time management and to anyone who knew Yvonne time keeping was not one of her fortes.

After Yvonne passed suddenly just before her 60th birthday close friends In the circle found comfort in each other as such a big hole had been left in our lives by Yvonne’s sudden departure.

Soul connections was formed as our way of carrying on Yvonne’s love of spirit. Animals were her passion which is why we do a lot of charity work for Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Brentwood.

Losing someone you love so dearly can either tear people apart or bring them closer because of the compassion and love she so effortlessly gave it was obvious to us our friendship was formed for life with Yvonne as our soul connection.