I always knew as a child that there ‘was something more to this World’.  34 years ago after losing my Father I began my discovery of the esoteric world which led me to my passion of watching platform mediumship.

Through meeting with other people I became interested in Tarot and the psychic world and my first venture into discovering Tarot was through a chance meeting in a book shop in Walthamstow.  From there I was taught Tarot which I very much enjoyed and learnt also how to tap into your natural psychic ability.  I then joined Angels in Hornchurch in 2006 where I began a 10 week development course in all areas of psychic development.

In 2007 I was attuned to Reiki Level 1 and the following year Reiki Level 2.  I thoroughly enjoy the healing aspect and feel this is one of my greatest strengths alongside Tarot which is also my passion.

I then joined a paranormal investigation team and upon request we would clear unwanted entities where people were experiencing difficulties in their homes.  This work proved incredible invaluable life experience into my studies of the esoteric world.  With this same team I also opened my home to a development circle which after time came to a natural conclusion.  Because of my work in this area we offer upon request inducing positive energy to a home environment.

I initially joined the paranormal group for the experience of feeling different energies, which i seemed to take to extremely well.  The group used to receive calls from people experiencing problems within their home and asking for our help.  We had a medium within the group who communicated with the spirit and who was able to decipher the storyline of the spirit, before sending them into the light.  Some of the stories were very sad stories and it was a lovely experience to be able to send them onto the other side.  Other cases were not so nice, we experienced shape shifters and counjoured entities, a completely different thing entirely and much more dangerous to deal with.  On some occasions it took more than one visit to clear.  After a few years I decided to move away from this area of working with spirit, but i am very grateful to the group for the time spent working with them.

I began to attend Tarot classes locally in 2011 and then joined their development circle.  I met a lovely group of like minded people and developed a close circle of friends within that group.

After losing a close member of the circle who was in many ways a friend and mentor to me a small number of us who were closer to her personally naturally formed a stronger bond and felt the next step on our path would be to move to the next level and begin to develop ourselves more by working with the public, pushing ourselves and our abilities further than we previously had.

This has been an amazing emotional journey for us all, starting with charity events for a number of years at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Brentwood, a brilliant institution relying solely on donations rescuing and caring for a huge number of animals and going on to the development of psychic parties and 1-2-1 readings at all sorts of events.

It’s an amazing thing to be given the chance to develop this sixth sense that’s called a Psychic ability but it doesn’t mean we can pick the lotto numbers next week, ( ahhh if only…) each one of us is granted the gift of free will, which means we can choose to be what we want to be. There is still so much we don’t know, still so many vales to be lifted, so many doors to be opened, we hope that one of those doorways will lead us to you and we may be honored with sharing your path awhile, and look forward to sharing knowledge, joy and companionship with you as we do.