Next Daniel Pitt Workshop

The next Workshop with Daniel (Psychic Mediumship Development) is on Sunday 2nd September from 11:00 till 16:00 hours.  It’s held in Hornchurch and is £35.00 per person.  See Events for Daniel’s link and information.  From first hand experience I can say it is liberating to explore my unique style.

Kent, Mind Body & Spirit – Saturday 4th August 2018

Well what a day, not only was it unbelievably hot but Anne, Sharon and I arrived a couple of hours before Shirley & Miss Tee (or rather it felt like that).  We thought it would be a great idea to set up Anne’s reiki tent by ourselves without Shirley who was running late.  Once we carried everything in and believe me we had a lot of ‘stuff’ we began the set up.  I just wish I had taken photographs – I was holding up one end while the other two were trying to work out why it was leaning – we were desperate to show Shirley how good we were!  Here’s a few pics.

Anne’s Reiki Tent

We did get a few bits back to front & I think I put something in the wrong place buy hey ho it worked.  Although I don’t think Shirley praised us enough – just saying (that’s what Sharon said anyway)!!!!!

Miss Poppy centre stage
As you can see we were on the stage

Although it was a quiet day it gave us the chance to catch up and chat – how unusual.

Hopefields – 28th July 2018

As usual we met for breakfast (the most important meal of the day) and put the world to rights. I also think we make far too much noise chatting and laughing loudly while others are trying to enjoy their brekkie – sorry for those who are subjected to us in the mornings.  We do enjoy ourselves though and only meet there a handful of times each year!

It took us roughly an hour and a half to set up, upon finishing we had to take it all down again – poor Hopefields.  Brentwood had a water leak and therefore Hopefields couldn’t open – what a big shame – they lost out on all the monies they could have made.  Other stalls had baked and decorated cakes but obviously Hopefields were not allowed to open their doors to the 200 hundred queueing to come in.  Anyway thought you may wish to see our stall photos so at least we achieved something that day!  As you can see below Princess Poppy was with us.  We’re next at Hopefields on Sunday 9th September of this year – it’s the dog show – no jokes about us please.  Come and see us, if nothing else we’ll have a laugh xxx

2019 A New Year

Any year leading with 20 will always bring opportunities for us to transform ourselves in some way and this year is no different.

20 is an emotional energy that at times can bring great understanding but other times emotional upsets lead the way. We’re asked to accept others regardless of differences be they culture, colour, race, religion or simply they are different. 20 offers us energy that helps us move away from old attitudes and literally leads us into a better way of life if we allow it and don’t shy away from its challenges.

19 on the other hand is known as a heavier burden. We’re asked to stand on our own two feet, not be reliant on others and above all assert ourselves. There is a fine line with this energy though so cross it at your peril. Stand your ground, stand up to bullies but do not exert your influence or power in an abusive, domineering way. This is a karmic energy so what you give out, comes back to you.

When we add the four numbers together a further energy is produced for the year. This year may feel more dramatic, sensitive and chaotic than other years. We may suddenly see things differently, it may feel as if we’re going one step forward and two back, but wait, bide your time and things will improve. When this energy appears expect much drama and misunderstandings, taking your time, breathing deeply and not accepting things at face value will de-mist the windows in your life.